Crane operators

ÈTA People is a company that has many services to offer, one of these are cargo operations. For this we need cargo operators and as you know ÈTA only uses experts and professionals for their operations, so you never have to worry when you hire us.

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The importance of good crane operators 

When you think about cranes you think of these large metal contraptions that tower over people and even over buildings, therefore you need highly skilled and professional crane operators. These people are not only responsible for completing the task at hand but also keeping everybody at the ground safe.

How are these crane operators keeping everybody safe you may ask? Well the answer is quite simple, when these crane operators are working, they lift very heavy cargo and he or she must make sure that this cargo sits perfectly on its designated place. If they don’t the cargo can fall on people. So that is why you need highly skilled people.

Efficiency by ÈTA People 

ÈTA People stands for efficiency. The Greek letter η (pronounce as èta) is the symbol for efficiency. Our goal is to provide our services in the most efficient way in time and costs. Thanks to more than 45 years of maritime experience, our team can turn the most difficult challenges into good efficient solutions. We work with a 4-step process which you can read down below:

  1. Case Evaluation
  2. Solution Proposal
  3. Execution
  4. After Solation support

If you want to approach us with your challenges or if you have any questions about our way of working. Reach out to us!

Contact for crane operators 

Do you want to know more about our services or our crane operators, don’t be afraid to give us a call on: +31 85 902 6809 or send us an e−mail on: You can also contact us for any other questions you have.