The future of maritime business is sustainable

Afbeelding Post 18
Published: 16-04-2021

The momentum to sustainably improve your fleet is bigger than ever. The average age of a ship in 2021 is around 20 years of age, which means that the current fleet will have to be replaced the upcoming years.

All around the world ship owners and managers are looking to make sustainable improvements to their fleet, in order to be successfully prepared for the years to come. A strong trend in sustainability is the search for alternative propulsion systems along with ‘green’ fuel alternatives.

At ÈTA People we do not only believe in the emerging sustainability trends, but we have built a network filled with partners that can take maritime sustainability to the next level. Together with you, our specialists can determine the best solutions for your needs, ranging from retrofitting sustainable systems up to full sustainable ship designs.

Feel free to reach out to us to see how we can assist in making your ship (more) sustainable and future proof.