How ÈTA People can help with the installation of Ballast Water Treatment systems

Afbeelding Post 14
Published: 19-03-2021

As is well known, all ships need to comply with the Ballast Water Management Convention by September 8th, 2024. The convention aims to prevent the international transport of unwanted organisms in the ship’s ballast water; hence ships will need the D2 standard certification that states they are in compliance with the Ballast Water Management Convention.

To get the D2 standard compliance, a ship needs a Ballast Water Treatment System. The installation of such a system is a complex process and requires specialized attention. ÈTA People has local partners that can assist at any stage; from selecting the appropriate system from any maker, engineering the installation of the system to installing and commissioning the system. ÈTA People will make every effort to minimize downtime during the process.

Feel free to reach out to us and receive a custom quotation based on your needs.