Crew Management: Taking training to the next level

Afbeelding Post 22
Published: 31-05-2021

As you might have seen, ÈTA Danica is our collaboration with Danica Crewing Services. We are focused on providing high-quality crewing solutions, meeting the high standards our clients demand. We aim to serve as an extension of shipping companies in need of crewing, by thinking and acting on behalf of the ship managers.

The skills and competencies of crew are at the core of a ship’s efficiency and therefore profitability. Due to our vast experience in the maritime sector, we know which set of skills and competencies are needed on board. If skills gaps are identified, training will be needed.

Our available trainings can be tailored to a ship’s needs. The combination of skill and competency-based training ultimately empowers the crew to successfully fulfil their duties, thus ensuring safe, efficient and cost-effective operations.