About Us

About ÈTA People

The Greek letter η (Pronounce: “èta”) is the symbol used for ‘efficiency’ in physics. ÈTA People centralizes efficiency in both time and costs in its strategy and services.

With over 45 years of combined worldwide maritime experience, ÈTA People is able to turn our clients’ challenges into pragmatic solutions. Together with our local experts we are able to provide a hands-on approach to maritime needs all over the world.

Our aim is for our clients to benefit from our expertise by providing reliable, independent case evaluations and solutions with cost and time efficiency as the collective goal. Our expertise allows us to see the bigger picture and propose a tailored solution for our clients’ challenges. We have dedicated technicians at our disposal who will assess, monitor and supervise the cases and are responsible for the communication between clients and the partner network.

How we work

Step 1

Case Evaluation

Approach us with input on your current maritime challenge. You can do so by calling, emailing or simply clicking here.

Step 2

Solution Proposal

Based on your input we create a cost and efficient tailored solution, together with our local partners.

Step 3


After agreeing on the desired outcome and proposal, we go to work. No time wasted.

Step 4

After Solution Support

Even though your current problem is solved, you are now connected to ÈTA People and its partner network for any future cases.

Our team


Marloes Stuivenberg

Managing Director

With over 11 years of maritime experience, Marloes brings a wide range of mari...

Sam Gombra


Shareholder Sam Gombra comes with 34 years of experience in the maritime indus...